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The Global Neighborhood Challenge

The Global Neighborhood Challenge

Are you pioneering a neighborhood-level project so awesome that you think it should happen everywhere? We're looking for five community innovators from around the globe.

The Specifics

We’re happy to announce our five winners, who will be coming to Los Angeles for a week-long pop-up fellowship at GOOD HQ:

Read more about the finalists and their neighborhood projects here.

Are you pioneering a neighborhood-level project so awesome that you think it should happen everywhere?

The Global Neighborhood Challenge: A Pop-Up Fellowship with GOOD’s Global Citizenship Project is looking for five community innovators from around the globe with creative and scalable projects that strengthen the social fabric of their communities.

The five global fellows will come to GOOD HQ in Los Angeles for a pop-up fellowship to elevate and expand their work in order to create more equitable and successful neighborhoods.

The pop-up fellowship will include a collaborative workshop to create a community innovation toolkit, participation in an evening of programming highlighting the fellows’ work, and partnership with the GOOD Local Los Angeles Chapter to test out just how well their projects can be reborn in a different city, culture, and community.

Call it globally-networked hyperlocalism.

Applicants are encouraged to participate in the first inaugural Neighborday, a global event to celebrate neighbors, blocks, and the spirit of Neighboring.

Submission Tips:

  • Photos are optional, but if submitted, they should be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format, at least 570 × 345 pixels and no larger than 10MB.
  • Submissions must be in English, applicants must speak English.
  • If you have any questions, please review these FAQs or send us an email at

Entries will not be displayed during the submission period. A panel of judges will select the winning submissions, and those will be displayed after the selection process.

Rules & Regulations

  • This Challenge is open for submissions from 3 April, 2013 at noon PT to 30 April, 2013 at noon PT.
  • Only individuals who are 18 and over are eligible to apply.
  • A panel of judges will select the winning submissions.
  • The selected projects will be featured on this page.
  • The chosen fellows will win a week at GOOD HQ in Los Angeles.
  • Read all the rules.

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Hey guys, great job! A truly amazing list of winners! For those of us not selected, is there anyone we can reach out to at Good for feedback on our submission and potential opportunities for collaboration? Submission handle - CareCropping


Aron Shelton

by aron.shelton
9 months ago | Reply

I am unable to find application can you send me the link where to submit the ideas

by Sumrah Ahmad
12 months ago | Reply

Excuse me, do not read it before. Have you been able to send your proposal to the competition?
Sara de paraguay

12 months ago | Reply

Hi Toli, I can't see your project at that link!

Please, can you see mine?

Sara de Paraguay

12 months ago | Reply

Bonjour from Paris!
Ok, we have submitted and would love some feedback from the community.

Merci en advance,

by parisgirlsrock
12 months ago | Reply

Hi @srsaenzj, great question! At this point, the Global Neighborhood Challenge is a one-time only contest, but that has the potential to change. Stay tuned!

by Emilyshana
12 months ago | Reply

Will this project be open for submission every year?

by srsaenzj
12 months ago | Reply

Peace & Victory is called double peace and double victory and the sign is 3 fingers form by the THUMB with the next 2 finger.
The previous victory is the V sign form by 1st 2 fingers and so is the peace sign and now adding the THUMB which are NO.1 or Good or FACEBOOK sign. WE now have 3 signs in ONE to be our GOOD movement SIMBOL

by landragon
12 months ago | Reply

As a Singaporean of 6 generation, I will start a Charity name LANDRAGON HELPS which get people with common ground and belief that PEACE & VICTORY will be the Catch Phrase of our Future

by landragon
12 months ago | Reply

Hi @HiketheHeights, we can definitely fix that for you-- please send the correct video and your project information to:

@georgi.gala this particular challenge does not have a public voting period. The winners will be selected by the judging panel. If you have more questions about that, you can take at the rules here:

by Emilyshana
12 months ago | Reply

Once the submissions have been selected by the judges --When does the "voting period" begin and end ?

by georgi.gala
12 months ago | Reply

Good Afternoon! I just submitted my application and the youtube video I tried to embed came out as something totally different. Is there a way to change this?

by HiketheHeights
12 months ago | Reply

Hi @deepitkundras, thanks for your question. We do recommend that the idea has been tested in some capacity before applying, but if you think it's solid and ready to be implemented, scaled/replicated, we'd love to hear about it.

by Emilyshana
12 months ago | Reply

what if the idea is in the form of a masters thesis that someone is working on currently?

by deeptikundras
12 months ago | Reply

Thanks for your questions, everyone!

@homelessfund: An individual representing a non-profit can certainly apply.

@SamuelFierro: The idea you submit should be your own. You can definitely apply on behalf of an organization that you work with.

@angelalgarcia: An event that could be replicated sounds like a great idea-- feel free to submit

@cnoeone: If you work as a partnership, please do apply, though only one person per winning project will be able to participate in the fellowship

@Pretty verone: It is best to have a concrete idea that has at least been tested, but we encourage you to submit any ideas you're working on

by Emilyshana
about 1 year ago | Reply

Can an organization that competed in the la2050 grant, also apply here?

by linetolizzaolzco
about 1 year ago | Reply

Can an individual representing the work of a non-profit apply?

by homelessfund
about 1 year ago | Reply

What if the project is being carried out by a fundation with public funding?, What if some of the ideas imply a participative process and therefore some of the ideas are not necessarily the product of a single author? Do I need any sort of letter authorizing me to participate? If so, Can this letter be written in spanish?, since the project is being developed in a spanish speaking country. What if the attached picture shows a community? Do I need to get an authorization of each and every member of it in order to use it? (talking about over 60 families possibly involved)

by SamuelFierro
about 1 year ago | Reply

Would an annual event that i have designed and implemented on social justice be a suitable project?

by angelalgarcia
about 1 year ago | Reply

If you work as a partnership, could both people participate?

by cnoeone
about 1 year ago | Reply

Hi i just have a solid idea that i haven't started on am i eligible to apply?

by Pretty verone
about 1 year ago | Reply

Hi Gajajaja and Sheferdo! Thanks for your questions and interest in the Global Neighborhood Challenge!

@gajajaja: Please do apply! It is best to have a concrete idea that has at least been tested, but it does not need to be fully implemented to be considered.

@sheferdo: Residents of LA are definitely allowed and encouraged to apply! The prize for the five winners is the fellowship at GOOD HQ.

by Emilyshana
about 1 year ago | Reply

Is the competition accepting already realised projects or is it possible to submit a conceptual project, prototyping the actual possibilities?

by gajajaja
about 1 year ago | Reply

This is not an official answer but I already asked a similar question via email and the answer that I got was that this is allowed.

by chrysz
about 1 year ago | Reply

Is a Los Angeles resident who pioneered and already on a recently started global poverty alleviation project, aloowed to submit an application too? Other than the prize0trip to Los Angeles, what other kinds of prIzes/grants are available to the winners? S.F

by sheferdo
about 1 year ago | Reply

A week-long pop-up fellowship at GOOD HQ
Circle-1-inactive Step1-title-submission-inactive

Submission Began
Wednesday, April 03

Submission Ended
Tuesday, April 30
at 12:00 PM PDT

Circle-2-inactive Step2-title-judging-inactive

Judging Period Ended
Monday, July 08
at 11:10 AM PDT

Circle-3 Step3-title

Winner Announced
Monday, July 08

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